The Brief

Shoppers know what they want, and shop online with the intent of buying something specific, they will often search, and search is power, and so we want a unique platform designing and building which only features a powerful search based navigation.

user experience

I started this challenging project by sketching out concepts on how I might navigate throughout an app by only using search as a function, I was sceptical at first but after coming up with initial sketch, low fidelity wireframes and prototypes I had discovered that search plays a huge role within an app, and it was possible to navigate throughout an app with just a search. 


The branding had yet to be complete for the app, and so I collaborated with the brand designer on the brand mark, typeface and colour palette for the app and also e-commerce store which was to be made following the launch of the app. 


Due to the app been an e-commerce platform, we considered how much information might be available for each product at one time, whether it be in a list view or even product view. We needed a clean, fresh and modern typeface with create legibility on smaller screens and platforms. I then decided to use various weights of the Open Sans typeface which has create legibility for smaller screens. 


Working with the branding designer, again we wanted to make this product fresh, clean, minimal and easy to view as the content would be king. We decided on a great contrast between a canary yellow and black as the main colour palette with subtle colour drops of red, blue and green throughout on various elements and components. 


The final design worked really well, it was clean, fresh and a very user friendly e-commerce application which gave the content its prominence. After final testing the search functionality worked really well, and users immediately understood that search was the only option and enjoyed its simplicity.