The Brief

Simplify the in store shopping experience via a contemporary, clean and engaging smartphone application. Adhering to Sainsbury’s strong visual brand and heritage.

“We need to make our supermarkets more convenient for people who visit often to do a smaller shop.”

Mike Coupe
Sainsbury’s CEO


Working collaboratively to define user personas, innovating engaging and precise user experience with features necessary to enhance the product. Creating wireframes, user flows and lo fidelity prototypes to test concepts. 


Maintaining the strong traditional heritage of Sainsbury’s. The SmartShop branding uses the same guidelines as all of Sainsburys smaller companies using the Mary Ann typeface, and a specialised Digital palette which is consistent with the current branding. 


Keeping consistency throughout, using different weights of the custom Sainsburys typeface Mary Ann to achieve hierarchy throughout, and give the product the Sainsburys look and feel. 


The colour palette was specially adapted for Digital media, using the same principles and similar palette to their print based colour scheme, this was adapted for the digital platform. 


I designed a custom set of icons for Smartshop, which followed similar visual aesthetics of the current iconography set, currently used throughout their various platforms. Keeping the visual language consistent and appropriate for it large consumer base. 

Grid system

Once I had finalised SmartShop's user journeys and ensured it had all the required features to make it a successful app. I then decided to create a custom grid and baseline for the final designs. Defining the rules around the layout and typographical hierarchy to ensure the app maintain consistency, legibility and great usability. 


Final design was complete using a hybrid visual language between iOS and Android, so the product could be adapted for both operating systems. It also features rich sainsbury’s heritage but, at the same time creating a fresh and up to date digital design language.