Project Info

Client : Manolo Blahnik
Date : January 2015
Discipline : UI / Responsive Email Design


Manolo Blahnik had recently undergone a complete e-commerce redesign and therefore required a suite of marketting emails used to interact and engage with their clients. Just like the brand itself, the emails needed to consist of elegance, luxury, and originality. 

The product range consisted of hundreds of designs and selections of fabrics from around the world, and each product was hand crafted down to the last stitch. Therefore it was quite clear that this had to be the selling point of Manolo Blahnik. I wanted the email environment to be completely neutral, clean with a touch of sophistication. I wanted it to resemble an art gallery where the products were the masterpiece and a display of beauty.


I was the lead designer on this project, and as Manolo Blahnik had recently undergone a re-brand and their new visual language had been defined, I instantly began creating reponsive mockups using photoshop for the image manipulation, and Sketch 3 for the rapid layout and UI elements. 

Upon completing the visuals for the reponsive emails, I then needed to develop them, using Basic HTML and media queries for email clients which can serve these I then completed the project successfully.