The Brief

Giraffe had recently had their website updated, and approached us to create an application to be consistent with their new website, but also enable customers to order food and pay via the app and mobile payments.

user experience

I set upon sketching initial ideas and potiential user flows, features and content which could be featured in the app. Once I had defined an appropriate user flow, I designed low fidelity wireframes, which were then made into basic protoypes which could be used to interact with a till system to place orders. 


Giraffe already had a strong visual language, and had recently undergone a complete overhaul of their website. Giraffe wanted the App to use very similiar design language, including typography, colour palette and photography.


Giraffe has already established a strong visual brand, and the use of typefaces across both digital and print media, and so I followed their strict branding guidlines to ensure the app maintained the same branding throughout and felt like it belonged to the client.


A colour palette was also well established and so I kept within their brand guidelines and used the appropriate colours throughout the app. Ensuring that the app was visually exciting but also maintained and carried the brand.


The final designed display a fresh, bold and engaging app which enabled customers to book tables, order food and use a customer loyality scheme all within the app which was pushed out to 30 restaurants in 2013 for testing with their current till systems.