The Brief

Due to a recent merger of 3 design agencies, Embrace was born and it required an online platform to showcase work, designed and built for the 21st century. Embrace not only work in digital design, but they also do a lot of social media and blogging work, and so the platform needed to assist this. 


Due to the nature of the web site and it been responsive, the typeface had to be used across different platforms including mobile, therefore I wanted to use a typeface which was clean and legibility at small sizes. I chose the Open sans and Akzidenz Grotesk as a complimentary typeface which worked really well across all platforms giving the web site great usability, legability and hierarchy.


I chose a bright, fresh and vivid colour palette to emphasis the different sections and categories within the web / online portfolio as it gave each category an existence and gave better navigation using colour and also gave the brand more flexibility.


The final design was implemented as a Fluid web site, flexible to scale across all break points and platform. It was a bold, fresh and colour design, at the same time reflecting on the work and case studies giving them centre stage. It was also designed to be extremely user friendly, easy to navigate with gorgeous imagery to show case all of the work and photography.