The Brief

We are currently using a web app, and would like to redesign the app as a native iOS application. It is currently out dated and with the new arrival of iOS 7 the app requires a new fresh visual language. 


Although the app had create numbers, My first approach was to analysis the existing app and its user journeys and see where problems may occur. Once I had a strong idea of the areas in which the app could improve I decided to create new user journeys with new and redesigned features for the app. 


The app was a successful brand, and because it was new to the market and still growing I didn’t think it was wise to suddenly change the brand and so I decided to adapt it.


I decided to use Rooney, and brandon grotesque typeface as the two complimented each other, I then also had to use the default iOS 7 typeface helvetica neue for several elements and components, but this also worked with the other typefaces. 


I changed the existing colour palette, keeping the primary yellow but making it slightly brighter and cleaner. I also included a new flat, refreshing blue and light subtle grey to be used on various components throughout.


The final design was a redesigned, fresh and modern update for the app which was developed native rather than a web app. The app featured better usability, clean and less cluttered screens and a much more engaging and enjoyable experience.