The Brief

Create a rich, engaging and informative application which users can purchase products, gain information and watch live match results which enhances their overall experience.

User experience

I started by listing all the possible features this app could have, what would be useful, what is needed and often the case what would I want from such an app. I then started to create user flows, with potential features and technologies which could enhance the app and make it an engaging product. I then went on to create low fidelity wireframes and prototypes which went to small user testing groups to refine my ideas. 


I wanted to ensure that the app felt and belonged to Chelsea FC immediately after opening the app. I had to make sure that the visual language maintained the strong branding that was already in place, and following the Chelsea FC guidelines.


In relation to the Chelsea FC guidelines, 3 typefaces were already in use via the brand, and so I chose not to include a new typeface and maintaining the existing typefaces CFC headline , and Syntax which proved to be legible at mobile screen sizes and also maintain the visual design language of Chelsea FC. 


Chelsea FC have an existing colour palette, and so again I chose not to expand upon this and maintain their core 3 colours throughout. This way the product started to hold recognition of it being a Chelsea FC product, by maintaining existing brand elements. 

Grid system

Once the product had been refined, I then decided to create a grid system which could work across the mobile platform, tablet and also smart watch in the future. 


I then created the final high fidelity designs using a custom grid and baseline system. The use of existing branding elements such as typeface and colour really made the app feel like it belonged to Chelsea FC.