BBC iPlayer

The Brief

The BBC asked us to create a concept for the new Android Auto operating system, which in the future will be built into vehicles as standard. Demonstrate to the BBC what this could look like, and how this could work. 

user experience

After researching and reading the documentation regarding legal requirements for in-car dash board graphics, and the guidelines for Android Auto I began sketching ideas around how the BBC iplayer could work and what a typical user flow could be. After numerous sketches and ideas, I then became to create low fidelity wireframes, which I then made prototypes and tested. 


The BBC has an incredibly strong visual language for all of its products, including the iPlayer. Firstly I read all of their guidelines to ensure I followed all of their rules and then began to adopt their visual language into the Android Auto, Material visual Language which was also restricting.


Although the BBC uses Gill Sans for its primary typeface, the Android Auto guidelines was extremely restrictive in changing typography as its default Roboto was specifically designed for Small screens to increase legibility, therefore I had to use the default Roboto for the product. 


I was able to use colour throughout the app to improve brand recognition which really enhanced the overall design language and made the product feel and belong to the BBC despite the typeface restrictions. 


The BBC has its own custom icon set called GEL, and I wanted to incorporate this into the app considering the amount of testing and research was involved in creating this accessible and legal icon set, also maintaining the visual language for the BBC across its platforms.


I then went on to create a high fidelity UI visual language which was a hybrid of Material design and the BBC’s strong branding. Once I had completed several user flows in high fidelity I then animated the screens to be pitched to the BBC.